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 General Rules ~

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MensajeTema: General Rules ~   Sáb Abr 05, 2014 2:32 pm

"Fair Play"

Fair is a clear rule, that is when your mouse is failing and by chance you miss the cue ball, that's Fair and is obligatiorio your opponent you have to give up the ball and put it in the same place where solto. 1 ° Fair play (Mandatory) 2 ° Fair play (Mandatory) 3 ° Fair play (the third onwards Optional) If the player does not deliver the service of fair play to the limit required, the opponent will have every right to leave the table and ask them to repeat, but this time with a moderator in the way, if the opponent continues to play, not be entitled to claim when the game termineeste post is created for all those who have doubts about Fair Play.

"User Agreement"

1. External programs and Bugs.

An attempt to exploit a security flaw, * bug or mistake can get you a * Ban. This includes the use of * BOT's of any kind. * Report all Bug's, failures, errors or anything that you think may have found that is not correct, contact the administrator immediately. Any player caught exploiting a bug or glitch can be * Banned the site.

2. * Spam / * Flood.

Do not post messages to other players too, advertising a product / service or excessive messaging irrelevant. Do not post any links to other websites apart from the special section on the forum.

3. Insults / Vulgarity.

The use of profanity or name calling anywhere in the game can cause you to be Banned!
Messages of hate towards a group, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, culture and / or country is not allowed!
Sexual remarks, racist or threats of real life are not allowed in any place and will not be tolerated.
The player names, nicknames description and should not include swearing or insulting any player
particular group, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, culture and / or country.

4. Respect for the Game Staff.

Under no circumstances abusive or threatening behavior directed towards staff will be tolerated for any player. The staff, including staff member who was insulted or threatened, is entitled to punish the player who does not meet this rule.

5. Multiple Accounts.

Having more than 1 account is strictly prohibited! Only one account per player. Yes a manager discovers that playing with more than one account, all accounts, including accounts of support may be blocked.

6. Shared accounts.

share an account with another player is strictly prohibited! 're not allowed to enter or play other people's accounts, and nobody but you is allowed to enter or play with you account. Doing so can make that block your account.

7. Inactive Accounts.

All inactive accounts will be suspended within 60 days

8. Shared computers.

The sharing of one computer for multiple players is not allowed.

9. Violation of the Rules of the Game.

If found to have violated the rules of the game, you can be warned, getting your account suspended or blocked or block your IP, if you have been punished for not enforcing the rules of the game, please contact the staff with an excuse valid information to validate your excuse. The staff may alter or leave as punishment, but are under no obligation of any kind. Please note that staff need not provide a deep reasoning for any decision they make.

10. - Patches and Updates Rules.

Note that all rules can be updated or modified at any time without notice as the rules are in place to keep the game fair and enjoyable. If you decide to play, then it is your responsibility to read and obey the rules of the game at all times. If any of the rules is not clear, please contact the administration. The staff is strict in applying the rules of the game and will not accept any excuses about the lack of knowledge of the game.

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General Rules ~
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